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Latest Homebrew Meeting

Tuesday we had a great homebrew meeting. We tried seven different base malts and noted all there differences. There were some surprises as well. We then tried 4 different homebrews. The biggest news is that we decided to brew a collaborative beer using the Farmhouse Ale Wyeast Private Collection. We are all brewing the same beer on our various systems. Some use different water treatments, some use BIAB, some filter, some use distilled. Should be very interesting!

Our meetings are now being held on the second Monday of each month. If you want to come, find us on facebook or twitter and send us a message!

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Next meeting

Our next meeting is at Rob’s house! Email grhomebrewers@gmail.com if you want to attend. Also, wanna judge a beer competition? Email us for more details ASAP! 

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Meet up at Harmony Brewing

We are having our monthly meetup at Harmony Brewing this coming tuesday at 7pm. Bring a bottle of your home brew to share, or just come join us to talk beer for a while! Hope to see you there!

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AHA Approved!

It’s official! GR Homebrewers is official listed as an AHA brew club! We are celebrating our launch at Harmony Brewing 7pm June 13th. Come join us! 

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Don’t forget…

Don’t forget! Out launch party is at Harmony June 13 7pm! Come have a couple beers and chat it up with your local brewers! Can’t wait to see you all there!

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Who likes beer?

Have you ever loved a hobby something so much you wish you could make it your life’s work? After searching far and wide and dabbing in a few different things, I can soundly say that beer is that love for me. Being in Grand Rapids, a brewmaster has sort of a rockstar status behind. And, as most of us failed musicians know, obtaining that rockstar status can be, eh, elusive? I wanted to be involved in our communities ever growing beer renaissance, but I also want to blaze my own path. That is where this club comes in.

I want to reach out to everyone that has ever wanted to brew. To show them it’s really not all that hard and that there are groups out there are willing to take you under their wing and guide you thru the process. We want to make new friends in the community and start our own network of brewers. A network that you are going to be proud to be a member. These are booming times in the beer world and we need to take advantage of what we can while we are here to drink its bounty. 

This club will offer so much to its members. The opportunity to meet people, to brew things together, to brew, well, weird things that we might, as an individual not want to take the chance on doing (investing!) our selves (did someone say sours?) 

Come join us to kick off this club right at Harmony Brewing, June 13th 7-10pm! You’ll have a chance to meet the two co-founders of the club and also meet some of your fellow brewers. Ask questions, hang out, and more importantly, drink good brew.

See you then!

– Rob

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