Meeting Notes

So, you couldn’t be with us this week. Got sick with a wicked tummy virus that had you hugging the porcelain and sobbing in the fetal position while your body betrayed you and taught you the true meaning of “Explosive Evacuation”? Or you just did not have time, here is where you can keep up to date on what you missed.

Meeting Notes from April:

What an amazing meeting!!! 10 brand new members joined the club last night! 4 of the new members were first time brewers. Welcome to all of you and thank you to everyone that braved the snow last night and came to the meeting!

KBS Clone Update: The beer has been racked out of the barrel and moved into a carboy for “ageing” and cool off while we wait for a keg to open up or for one to be donated.

Part 2 Productions: Rob was approached by a “reality tv” production company and interviewed this week regarding beer brewing and beer competitions. The interview was a great success and potentially will put the GRHBC on National television. There will be more information as the process develops, until then…we can only hope.

NHC Updates and Number of Kegs To be Supplied: As it stands, we have 12-14 beers pledged by the club members for the club night. We will only be providing beer for the club night instead of the original plan of the social night and club night to save money and time for everyone.

Beer Tasting/Whats Brewing?: An amazing selection of beers were at the meeting last night. Some brand new brewers brought their first home brews to be tasted and commented on. Thank you to Shawn for bringing beers back from Three Floyds Brewing in Indiana.

New Members: Lots of new members this month! Welcome to all ten new members of GRHBC! We look forward to brewing with you and learning with you as we pursue our passion for beer and beer brewing!

Beer Competition Results: Congratulations to Andrew B., winner of the GRHBC homebrew competition! He won a free brew/ingredients kit from O’Connor’s. His IPA with Conan yeast won out over all the other great beers that were submitted. Thank you to everyone that brought truly amazing beer to be judged. We look forward to the next competition.

Next Meeting: We moved the date of May’s meeting to the 19th to accommodate Rob’s son’s third birthday.

Off Flavor Seminar: The off flavor seminar will be held at the May meeting. (the 19th) Ben Darcie will be the speaker using the BJCP Off Flavor Education Kit, provided by O’Connor’s (thank you Ben and Allison). The seminar is free to GRHBC members, and $20(?) for non members. (prices subject to change)

616 Collaboration: We will be brewing the Black and Tan hopefully within the next week or so to allow enough time to properly ferment. We will brew the Belgian dubbel and 616 will brew the Belgian Tripel.


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